About here: A German in Silicon Valley (2)

Hey there!

Thank you for getting back to my blog about interning in Silicon Valley. This time I am writing about costs of living, mobility in California as well as about some weekend activity.

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About Here: Cost of Living

Your face when you get to know your salary for the first time…


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About here: A German in Silicon Valley (1)

My name is Fabian and I am a graduate student from Germany. Technically, I am enrolled in the International Information Systems masters program at the FAU in Southern Germany for the summer term. Actually, I took a semester off for working in Silicon Valley in the summer of 2017.
I would like to share my impressions and experiences with prospective Valley interns, students interested in working here & simply all people being interested in just another Silicon Valley report (not a big group of folks, I guess). 

What do I want to tell you?

A few years ago I read a Spiegel (offline) article about the notorious place of Silicon Valley with clear messages:

Loose money.
Crazy pioneers.
Silicon Valley eats the world (economy).

In my opinion, the obvious menacing undertone of this message can be ascribed to a (now apparently stereotypic) German attitude: angst.

But wait! I am pretty sure you just wanted to quit this page since this does sound like another
“Man, Germany simply does not understand startups/entrepreneurship/[INSERT-TERMS-THAT-THE-BUSINESS-UNDERGRADUATES-FROM-YOUR-UNIVERSITY-ARE-USING-RECENTLY]”
Let me tell you: It’s not.

Instead of doing that, I will try to tell you about the (working) life in the bay area from a subjective (obviously) but rational perspective of a young student.
Since this place (spoiler alert) actually can be a pretty cool place to live & work (terms and conditions may apply, please continue reading), I will also try to give information about the possibilities to come here for an internship or even a full time employment.

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