The two downsides of REST

REST (Representational State Transfer) is a trendy design pattern for (Web-)APIs. Many developers use REST over other concepts for their application, mostly not considering the potential downsides.

When you think about implementing a REST-API, read this article first, so you consider these two essential issues that come with REST:

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Gaming: Why VR is not suited for its origin use case

How will the Virtual Reality (VR) trend continue? It is impossible to predict, but many opinion makers try to convince the tech world that it will be either the next big thing or a total failure.

Insights on VR & Gaming

Instead of making a prediction, I want to tell you about my experience with VR and its use cases – especially gaming. In 2015, I played around with the Oculus Rift for a lot of time, which lead to four essential insights on VR:

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Start Ups: What most Software Engineers do wrong

Three words: Focus on Technology.

I know that it is fun to learn and to apply new technologies like really domain-specific frameworks (Ruby on Rails), fancy (JS-based) hybrid mobile application frameworks (Ionic or React Native) or even server-side JavaScript (Node.js) –  Learning new technologies gives Engineers and Start Up Guys a feeling of being cool and up-to-date to technology topics.

But does “being cool and up-to-date” really matter when it comes to “serious” (and with “serious”, I mean “professional”) development?

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